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How does it work?

Buying a new bungalow on Park Molenheide, how does that work?

If you are interested in purchasing a second residence, you have come to the right place at Park Molenheide. With over 47 years of experience in the sale of second homes on holiday parks, we can guide you through the process A to Z. Our offered accommodations are always situated in the green and are professionally operated. Supervision is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the domain is completely fenced so that the chance of vandalism is very small during your absence. Furthermore, we take care of tenants and check the new bungalow after departure, before we clean it.

What options are available?

1. 46w rental & 6w own use

Your newly built bungalow will be rented out 46 weeks a year in order to generate nice rental income. During these 46 weeks the manager of the park takes care of tenants, the final cleaning of your bungalow and supervision. As you can see, the park manager takes care of all the annoying tasks.

In addition, park Molenheide is the ideal place to combine the rental of a second home with a few weeks 'own use'.

With our most popular formula called 'the 46+6 formula', you can make unlimited use of the facilities free of charge in the 6 weeks that you come. In addition to unlimited free access to the largest indoor playground in the Benelux, you can also make unlimited free use of the water park with its four water slides and four swimming pools.

In short, a formula that allows you to enjoy your second home 100% several times a year while in the other weeks your new bungalow is simply rented out to third parties.

2. 52w rental and therefore no own use

For persons who are looking for a purchase with multi-year rental income with maximum discount on the park costs, we have worked out a very interesting second scenario that we would like to explain to you during a personal interview. Specifically, the newly built bungalow will be rented for 52 weeks a year and you as the owner do not have to worry. The park manager will take care of all the "annoying" tasks. As a nice extra, you can also stay in your new bungalow for at least one week free of charge.

The choice is yours! We are happy to welcome you during a guided tour and a tour of the holiday park. You can contact us without obligation.

Extra costs besides the purchase?

In addition to the purchase of your holiday home on Park Molenheide, you pay an annual contribution for the use and maintenance of the infrastructure of the plot and the services. This to the park manager. So you can really enjoy your second home.

Two options

  • Option 1: 46 weeks rental + 6 weeks own use
  • Option 2: 100% rental

Booking your holiday at Molenheide is simple!