Park Molenheide runs entirely on green energy.

100% Green energy

Molenheide has been one of the most prestigious bungalow parks in the Benelux for more than 35 years. With 360 holiday homes and 10,000 m² of indoor accommodation, including a swimming paradise and playground, various restaurants and an indoor golf court, recreation park Molenheide constantly requires a large amount of energy. For its power supply, this amounts to an equivalent of 750 households, and for heating to an equivalent of 120 households, i.e. a small village in itself! However, this does not stop Molenheide from investing in new technologies and fully switching to green energy. Today, this green energy is provided by farmer Lavrijsen, who generates biogas in his adjoining farm from materials including pig manure, sour milk, expired confectionery or dog food! A unique project for which Molenheide is receiving accolades from all over the world.


The green approach of Park Molenheide has not gone unnoticed. The recreational park is praised in Belgium and abroad for its revolutionary approach. Leading organisations like Tourism Flanders and Unizo National have hailed Molenheide as an example of environment- and energy-friendly policy. One example: Unizo Limburg nominated Molenheide as candidate ‘SME for Kyoto’.

Pioneering role

“We consider it a great honour to see our project being recognised by awards from such organisations," says Mr. Marc Vanherk, chairman of the board of directors. “It strengthens our commitment to continuing to play a pioneering role both at national and international level."

“We keep looking for new techniques, both for the bungalow park, where we work with super insulated residences (K35), and in other areas, which will enable us to continue to assume our social responsibility for the environment," adds Mr. Jean Scevenels, managing director.


Park Molenheide runs entirely on green energy.


The focus is entirely on child-friendliness.

  In and around the park you can enjoy Belgian culture and discover culinary specialties