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Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren

Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren

The aim here is to give you a foretaste of what the museum has to offer,  but of course it is no substitute for seeing you in the museum in person.  The reason you should be sure to pay a visit?  Nowhere is learning about the distant past as much fun as it is here. The distant past started some 500,000 years ago and continued until the early Middle Ages.  Neanderthals, the first Homo sapiens, Celts, Eburones and, of course, Romans and Germanic tribes - they all pass muster. 'Learning' takes on a whole new dimension here. It takes the form of active discovery: experiencing, deepening your understanding, establishing links, questioning...  You come to understand why the past is as it is and you achieve that in a dynamic and inspiring environment.  Whatever your age, learning has never been so exciting!

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