Enjoy a lovely walk and discover the Wildife and Walking park.

Wildlife and Walking park Molenheide

Relax in the beautiful greenery, enjoy the fragrance of resin and fir needles, watch a squirrel nibbling away on a fir cone, and get a fresh outlook on the small things in life. In the adjoining Wildlife and Walking park, red deer and roe deer roam free and stop for the bread offered to them by children. The wild boars are kept in an enclosed area and find acorns to be quite tasty.  You can also observe pot-bellied pigs, ostriches and various species of ducks, fowl, pheasants and peacocks. A wonderful feeling of rest and open space will come over you when you visit the 100 hectare Wildlife and Walking park. The Wildlife and Walking park is accessible for wheelchairs and buggies. 

  Beautiful 100 hectare wildlife and walking park.
  There are lots of attractions in the immediate vicinity of the park.

Enjoy a nice cup of coffee while the kids are playing in the playground.

There are three waymarked walks through the Wildlife and Walking Park. All walks have different lengths varying from 2.5 km to 3.5 km. More information about the routes is available at the reception desk.

The wildlife and walking park adjoins Park Molenheide. The pine forests in combination with the great variety of deciduous trees, the ponds and vast meadows leave you with unique feeling of tranquillity. From the watchtower you can observe the animals and in the forest canteen with adjoining playground you can take a breather.

The wildlife and walking park is home to various wildlife animals including pot-bellied pigs, ostriches, ducks, fowl, pheasants and peacocks. In addition, deer and roe deer dart around freely.