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Early bird discount

Are you so excited to finally come to Park Molenheide again? After all those months of waiting, we are also very much looking forward to receiving you again at our holiday park! Unlimited playing & swimming, relaxing together in the detached accommodation after a day full of walking fun in the Wild and Hiking Park and to finish with the family watching the amazing acts of the Magical Park Show with Sara the Grasshopper and all that included in you vacation. All this included in your How nice that you are coming to Park Molenheide again soon!


Oh yes, before we forget ... Park Molenheide that recently won the prize of 'Best holiday park in Belgium', runs 100% on green energy.




Early booking is Molenheide valid throughout the year. If you book in the summer holidays for the Christmas holidays? You will receive early booking discount on your booking.

Because you're early you always sure of your favorite bungalow in this period. Supply during the early booking discount is spacious, which means you have plenty of opportunities to book a bungalow with discount.

The advantage of early booking is that the anticipation of your vacation can already begin. Discover, experience and enjoy the cover opportunities Molenheide and fantastic days out in the area. Your holiday planning can really begin ..

Booking your holiday at Molenheide is simple!