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Early bird discount

Early bird discount

The earlier you book, the higher the discount. The discount is automatically calculated by our booking system. At Park Molenheide, you can combine discounts, so that you can benefit from the maximum discount.

The maximum early bird discount is 10%, which can be combined with the Young Family discount of maximum 10% and the 7/14 days discount of maximum 10%. This means that an early bird discount of 30% can be obtained.

Libelle double early bird reduction

Park Molenheide has the best (double) early bird reduction for your holiday in 2019, we double the early bird discount for all bookings within 5 and 10 months before arrival. So if you book your holiday today (all periods are valid) you will receive a double early bird reduction. This discount can be up to -36% because the early bird discount can be combined with family discount (10%) and the 7/14 discount (10%).




Early booking is Molenheide valid throughout the year. If you book in the summer holidays for the Christmas holidays? You will receive early booking discount on your booking.

Because you're early you always sure of your favorite bungalow in this period. Supply during the early booking discount is spacious, which means you have plenty of opportunities to book a bungalow with discount.

The advantage of early booking is that the anticipation of your vacation can already begin. Discover, experience and enjoy the cover opportunities Molenheide and fantastic days out in the area. Your holiday planning can really begin ..

Booking your holiday at Molenheide is simple!