The insect museum in Zutendaal

Insect museum Zutendaal

The visitors centre, De Lieteberg, is located in a former sand and gravel mine between Stalkerweg and Zuurbroekstraat in Zutendaal.  
 De Lieteberg accommodates not only an educational apiary where you can become acquainted with the wondrous world of the bee, but it is also a fertilising station for Carnica bees. In a bee colony behind glass, you can observe the industrious bees going about their business. There is also a small museum with beekeeping materials from the past to the present so you can learn about beekeeping. A nostalgic apiary with old hives provides a reminder of the time when beekeeping was still performed in the earlier, bee-unfriendly manner.  Colourful bee houses in all shapes and sizes are distributed throughout the terrain.

The welcome and visitors centre, De Lieteberg, is one of the entrance points to the Hoge Kempen National Park.

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Stalkerweg z/n
3690 Zutendaal


Learn all about various insects such as wasps, mosquitoes and beetles.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating microcosmos.