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Jenever Museum in Hasselt

Jenever Museum in Hasselt

The museum presentation showcases the pearls of the Jenever Museum's collection, which today comprises almost 25,000 items. Collection pieces, photographs, videos and interactives let the visitor discover the world of jenever. The story about the origins, development, place and perception of our national distilled beverage, illustrated with some beautiful pieces. A fully operational 19th century distillery, 2150 glass bottles, 750 jugs and pitchers made of stone, more than 1230 jenever glasses and 400 liqueur glasses, 250 ceramic objects, 540 posters, 380 placards and some 9500 labels, etc. That sums up the jenever museum's collection. The 19th century distillery equipment, originally from distillery H. Servais (Géromont-Malmédy) and bought by the museum in 1981, is the beating heart of the museum and its jenever production.

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3500 Hasselt

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