A unique experience with smell, light, motion and sound effects!

Mini golf course "The Mine"

Our latest attraction and winner of the THEA Award for outstanding achievement worldwide 2009 is a truly unique and imaginative indoor mini golf course.

Are you brave and not easily scared? Then discover together with Carlo the miner and other peculiar characters ‘De Mijn’ (The Mine).  Via mine shafts outfitted with a creaking conveyor belt, a rusty sorting machine and a shack of a
power room that seems as if it could cave in at any moment you walk over various paths littered with pickaxes and boots. A jackhammer causes the path to vibrate and the engine room of the abandoned mine is still operational! With a detonator you explode dynamite thereby setting the tunnelling machines into motion. This way you open the way to the goldmine, and what is glittering there? Diamonds? But what's that sound and what's that frightening smell? Beware of the dangers lurking in 'The Mine'!


Hours of entertainment and fun for all ages.


Fully covered, i.e. all-weather.

  a truly unique and imaginative indoor mini golf course.

Did you know that our indoor golf course has won a unique prize? The Mine is the proud winner of a THEA Award for outstanding achievement worldwide. This places us in select company of extraordinary attractions.

The Mine has 18 holes and takes 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. The smell, light, motion and sound effects along the course guarantee a thrilling and exciting adventure! This fully thematic mini golf is a world top attraction that speaks to everyone's imagination.

Who will take home the gains? Complete the golf course in as few strokes as possible to become the winner of this exciting game.